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What you need to know about marked cards

If you have been searching for a shop for good quality and clear invisible ink marked cards, you would have read about our marked cards factory, who stock any brands marked playing cards and poker cheat devices to help you win in poker games. These have a great role to play in the games of poker in many situations. The key is to recommend the most appropriate marked cards products for you.
There mainly have two types of marked playing cards, one is back marked cards, the other is barcode marked cards. How to recognize these two types of marked cards? What's the difference about them?
If the marked cards are the playing cards that contact lenses or glasses can see invisible ink on its back, we called them contact lenses marked cards or invisible ink glasses poker. If the marked cards are marking invisible ink barcode at its laser, we usually call them edge side marked cards. We can see through contact lenses marked cards easily, but we need to get the assistance of poker camera and…

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